Installing Google Analytics + Divi

Apr 8, 2019

Installing Google Analytics to your WordPress/Divi website is a critical step that should be included in every developers pre-launch (“did I remember to..) checklist.

Regardless of the website’s purpose or what your short/long term marketing goals are, taking advantage of the many tools Google Analytics provides is well worth the price of admission (FREE!)

And for those of you who have stumbled upon this article and have yet to set up, install and integrate Google Analytics to your WordPress/Divi site before, we have good news. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes. So let us jump right into it shall we?

Step #1:

Head on over to Google, type in “Google Analytics” and sign up for a free account. Note that If you or your client already have an established Google Account (Gmail, etc.) you can login with those account credentials or go ahead and create another.

Step #2:

Once logged in to the Google Analytics Dashboard, head down to the bottom left corner and tap on the “Admin” gear icon. You will than want to select “Tracking Info > “Tracking Code” from the middle column.

Step #3:

Highlight and copy the “Global Site Tag” script in its entirety as shown in the image below.

Step #4:

Back in WordPress, navigate to Divi > Theme Options > Integration, paste the copied script into the body section and save your changes.

Step #5:

Next, jump over to Plugins > Add New and search, install and activate Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) by ExactMetrics. Once installed, click on the “Settings” link for the plugin and choose “Authorize Plugin”. You will than notice a red “Get Access Code” link. Select the account you previously had established during Step #1 above and click on the “Allow” button when you see the prompt. VOILA! There is the code you need. Copy it.

Step #6 (Final):

Paste the code in the designated field within the plugin settings section of WordPress. Save your changes and your good to go! You will now see the (GADWP) plugin has added a handy little Google Analytics Dashboard widget to your Dashboard. This will allow you and your clients the ability to view critical website performance data immediately after logging in! Really? That easy? YEP! Congrats, you leveled up your site build game.

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