A different type of placement agency focusing on quality over quantity, IAG prides themselves on being the “Anti-Recruiter”. Finding elite, high-end talent requires a unique and sniper-like approach. IAG was founded for that mission.

Reputable Recruitment

When Intelligence Acquisition Group (IAG) presents themselves as the “Anti-Recruiter,” they mean it. The time and investment many very successful organizations waste by contracting with other recruitment firms can be staggering. The efforts in finding assumed talent, hiring, training and eventually realizing that specific hire did not work out is a costly reality for many. Instead of casting a wide net and seeing what turns out, IAG has a solution for hunting the right candidate from the start. Placing key talent for long-term employment, done.

The Fun We Had

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Social Media

The Strategy

Defining and executing the strategy for IAG brought with it quite a bit of challenge. This was a start-up company that aimed to capture the attention of elite C-suite talent with the launch of the website, social marketing ventures and platforms. In a sea of large-scale recruitment firms (many with a global presence), the selected team needed to also be elite to pull this project off. As part of that hand-picked team, we set out to create a new brand coupled with a conversion-focused landing page within a matter of weeks. A very uncommon and challenging endeavor we executed head-on.

“When a team of amazing talent comes together with a singular vision, they will amaze even themselves at what can be accomplished. We here at Dravallo are proud to have been part of that team, and we all executed.”

Smashing The Status Quo

A headline IAG features on their homepage helps to sum up just what the company is all about. Taking a system that functions well for many organizations, turn it on its head, build a better solution and catch a unicorn. Intelligence Acquisition Group helps to cut through the mediocre and are always on the search for the mythological – for the logical. IAG, the anti-recruitment firm.

“Recruiters were never able to deliver the quality of candidates I was seeking. With IAG, I was promised the best of the best – the unicorns, so to speak – and that’s exactly what I got.”

-Greg H., Manufacturing CEO